District Of Columbia Medication Assisted Treatment Centers

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Call 800-496-0542 to speak with an alcohol or drug abuse counselor.
We provide listings of Medication assisted treatment (MAT) is the use of medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, which is effective in the treatment of opioid use disorders (OUD) and can help some people to sustain recovery.

Cities in District Of Columbia with Medication Assisted Treatment Centers

UPO Comprehensive Treatment Center

1900 Massachusetts Avenue S.E. Bldg. 13
Washington, DC - 20003


2112 F St. Northwest Suite 102
Washington, DC - 20037

Department of Veterans Affairs Community Clinic Washington DC VA Medical Center

50 Irving Street N.W.
Washington, DC - 20422
(202)745-8000 x

Good Hope Institute

1320 Good Road SE
Washington, DC - 20020

DOC Central Detention Facility Methadone Program

1900 D Street SE
Washington, DC - 20003

What is MAT's?

MATS Treatment Centers are Treatment Centers that combine behavior therapy and medications to treat opioid substance abuse.

Phone Referral

Call 800-496-0542 to speak with an alcohol or drug abuse counselor

Are These State Funded Rehab Centers?

Some are and some are private. We list full details on the website.

What type of medication treatment is used?

Medications used in treatment can include Buprenorphine, Methadone, and Naltrexone, for Opioids.